We supply guide, rods, tackle, bait, fishing boat, etc. 2 people is ideal, 3 is possible. More than 3? Give us a call we can work out multiple boats or a pontoon fishing excursion.

We do not include fishing licences. Please get a valid fishing licence for the area we will be fishing before hand.

Half Day Fishing Excursion: $400 
Usually 4 hours in the early morning or evening.

Full Day Fishing Excursion: $750 
~8 hours on the water looking for that big one!

Full Day Backcountry Adventure: $725
Usually over 8 hours, go on an adventure to one of the many backcountry lakes in the Whiteshell. Get away from the crowds and into some great fishing. 2 people maximum.

Other rates and excursions by request!