Fishing on the Canadian Shield

Want to learn more? The South Whiteshell, centered around Falcon and West Hawk Lakes, is one of the most picturesque areas of the Canadian Shield. It is an area that offers exceptional trophy angling opportunities. If the idea of fishing for trophy Pike, Bass, Walleye, or Crappie appeals to you, let Shield Outfitters guide you to that experience.

The Shield Outfitters angling team has years of success guiding clients to unforgettable catches, memorialized by great photos of their angling experiences in the South Whiteshell. Your chance to boat the catch of a lifetime is just a phone call away.

In addition to trophy fishing, Shield Outfitters also guides to Family Fishing Experiences, Wilderness Tripping and Back Country angling (Lake Trout), as well as Winter Adventures, Igloo Building and Ice FIshing. If your idea of fishing is more of a day on the pond with friends and family, complete with catching your own shore lunch, we've got you covered!

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